All photographs for sale are printed on archival quality paper in various sizes. Many images can be mounted on different materials. Each fine art print, which is signed and numbered, is a limited edition (usually 30 or fewer). Only selected images are shown on this website for each series and portfolio; therefore, many other prints are available. For additional information, or to purchase a print, please contact the photographer. Inquiries are welcome from gallery directors and museum curators.

Email: Please send an email message to maxalphoto@yahoo.com.

Telephone: (Studio) 212-886-3720 or (Personal) 570-852-4449.

The client is responsible for shipping costs as well as sales tax and customs fees, if applicable. Photographs can be framed for an additional cost.

Images are registered for copyright protection. Copyright © 2009 and 2018 Max Victor Alper. Copyright is retained by the photographer. The photographs may not be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the photographer.

Thank you.

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